Dieu Phap Shelter

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

Project location: Dieu Phap
Number of children supported: 81
Type of support: Support for orphanage, education
Period of support: since 2019
Contact at primavera board: Stefan Grosch

Dieu Phap shelter is taking care for 81 orphaned children and disabled young adults under the age of 18. Their focus is to educate the children who can find a job after graduate from official high-school or university.

With the support of primavera e.V. it was possible to set up a computer room including computers and furniture. Since 2017, children and young adults can join computer classes, held by the Dieu Phap shelter monk and 36 Bosch Vietnam associates who joined in teaching activities throughout the years.

In 2020, the focus of primavera and Bosch activities will be on:

- Improvement of education (career orientation) by supporting long term class with specific module e.g. teach kids in computer skills

- Restoring and modernization of the IT-equipment, the acquisition of new computers

- Offering IT classes and trainings: Designing and scheduling Training-Curricula

- Teaching by HcP volunteers after school, organized by RB Vietnam

- Transportation service from HcP to Dieu Phap Shelter and back by shuttle bus.

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  • Einwohnerzahl: 96.450.000 (2019)