Project description Haiti

Initiative "Music Heals" for HaitiCare e.V.

The devastating earthquake on Haiti destroyed the island in an unbelievable dimension. The reconstruction has started a long time ago but still a daily routine is not thinkable for people living there. More than a million people lost their houses and live in emergency accomondations. The children are hit worst in this disaster.

Project information HaitiCare e.V.
HaitiCare is a project of the couple Kaasch and focuses at the provision and education of Haiti's children. Therefore, they founded a Montessori school for 200 kids in Port-au-Prince. On location, Natasha takes care of the project, who herself has been a godchild of the couple Kaasch 25 years ago.

With the initiative "Music heals", HaitiCare wants to integrate traumatized children into the daily school routine again. And what could be more helpful than music? Music, dance and singing is an inherent part for Haiti's population. With the help of the musical eduation and therapy, these children should get back a little bit of their joy and happiness.

Target of the cooperation
Unfortunately, the school building has been destroyed during the earthquake in such a bad manner that it was necessary to pull it down completely. Until the new school building is constructed, the classes are continued in a secured and older building. HaitiCare did not profit from donations like bigger aid organizations.
Therefore, our donations are more important than ever. That is ways, Primavera contributes and cooperates uniquely with the organization HaitiCare, to extent the circle of donators.

About Haiti...

  • Capital: Port-au-Prince
  • Area 27.750 km²
  • Population: 11.260.000 (2019)


Astrid-Karoline Lamm
Phone: +49 (69) 7562-1354