Anniversary Symphony Concert

2nd October 2020

The Friday evening of October 2nd, 2020 will remain unforgettable for the audience of in total 1000 visitors who enjoyed a musically moving concert with the Bosch Symphony Orchestra playing Beethoven's 7th Symphony. The performance was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Primavera.

At the beginning the guests were warmly welcomed by Christoph Kübel, Chairman of Primavera and Stefan Grosch, the Deputy Chairman, before the symphonic “fireworks” began. With the 7th Symphony Ludwig van Beethoven celebrated one of his greatest successes and to this day the composition inspires the audience with its motivic rhythm, the swirling Scherzo and the pushing finale. The work of joy, happiness and passion can also referred to the three decades of charity work by Primavera.

Hannes Reich, the artistic director of the Bosch Symphony Orchestra, conducted this concert with great passion as the whole orchestra. The audience was enthusiastic and showed it with frenetic applause.

The evening ended not only with the great musical experience, but also with the very gratifying result from income, donations and sales of more than 11.000 Euro for the benefit of Primavera.

A big thank you to all guests with their generous donations, the passionate Symphony Orchestra with its conductor, all the organizers and helpers who made this great event possible. We are looking forward to the next 30 years for Primavera!

More information about the Bosch Symphony Orchestra:

Greeting message of the co-founder Edgar Garbade

14th May 2020

30 years ago, Edgar Garbade, as co-founder of Primavera, would never have dreamed of the continuous success of the initiative "Primavera- Hilfe für Kinder in Not".

Together with his wife, he experienced what the donations can achieve since they moved to Brazil in 2002.

Thanks to Primavera, children and young people have good opportunities and perspectives for a self-determined and responsible life through projects in school and professional training, medical care or information about responsibility and social behaviour.

For the 30th anniversary, Edgar Garbade would like to thank all donators and helpers of Primavera.

Here you can find the Video of the greeting message.(Only available in german)

30 Years of Primavera - Three decades of helping children in need

05th March

Getting children off the streets and offering them a better life through education has been the mission of Primavera – Hilfe für Kinder in Not e.V. since its founding in 1990, when ten Bosch associates joined forces to do something about the hardships young people face in Brazil’s favelas. Today, the more than 1,500 members of the organization support 50 aid projects in 16 countries, having taken in over 800,000 euros in donations to date.

As a matter of principle, Primavera’s projects always aim to offer more than short-term aid through basic medical care and a wide range of support, educational, and training opportunities. The organization also supports cultural projects.

“ It makes me happy that Primavera has been able to help so many children for so long now. ” Christoph Kübel, Primavera patron.

The underlying idea is the same in 2020 as it was 30 years ago: to help children and young people in emerging and developing countries and to offer them lasting prospects and tools for an independent life free of poverty. The key to achieving that is access to education.

Primavera - Hilfe für Kinder in Not e.V. was founded 30 years ago. To guarantee the sustainability of the organization’s efforts, the principle guiding the selection of projects has remained the same: Primavera solely supports projects in places where Bosch is located, allowing local associates to make sure that each donation is always used directly to benefit children and young people. “Visiting the projects to hear firsthand from the children and mentors there, and seeing their eyes light up as they tell me about their lives and what they’re learning, is something I find particularly touching and motivating", says Christoph Kübel, the director of industrial relations and patron of the organization.

Visit of facilities in South india

4th March 2020

This aid organization was founded 30 years ago by employees of Robert Bosch GmbH to help children in need at the company's locations in poor countries with the help of the employees working there, e.g. to get a school education and regular meals. Projects in almost 20 countries are now supported with an annual donation of almost € 1 million. The principle of Primavera is that every cent goes to the children. Anyone can become a member and thus support the concerns of the association.

In February 2020 Rainer Horn visited 4 projects in the Bangalore/South India area. The following projects were visited:

  • Chiguru Trust - School for Specially abled Children
  • School for disadvantaged and migrant children
  • Deepa Academy for the differently abled - residential high school for visually challenged girls
  • Spastic Society of Kanataka

In the left picture below this article you can see a spastic paralysed boy from the Chiguru Trust. He speaks 9 languages and is a computer expert. In addition, children can do handicrafts or learn how to sew carrier bags under supervision.

At Deepa Academy, Mr. Horn witnessed the girls learning Braille and was able to inspect the shelters. In the picture below right you can also see a dance group of visually impaired girls, who came first in the Kanataka state dance competition.

In the Spastic Society of Kanataka the children are educated. One of the professions is baker.

The love and dedication with which the children are looked after in all the facilities is extremely impressive.

Events 2020 - 30th Anniversary of Primavera

The year 2020 is a very special year for Primavera. On March 5, 1990, 10 Bosch associates signed the foundation charter for the association "Primavera Dritte-Welt-Hilfe e.V." (Primavera - Help for Children in Need), now "Primavera - Hilfe für Kinder in Not e.V.

This was preceded by a moving report in the Bosch-Zünder newspaper about the fate of Brazilian children living in inhuman misery in the favelas there, and about the wives of Bosch managers who tried to help these children. The Primavera association was founded to raise the necessary funds for this purpose through donations from Bosch associates in Germany.

In 2020, Primavera can therefore look back on 30 years of successful project work in developing and emerging countries. Of course we want to celebrate this anniversary together with you!

We would like to invite you to the following events:

Thursday, 19.03.2020, joint concert by Bosch String Soloists and Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra
, Liederhalle Mozart-Saal, Stuttgart

Friday, 02.10.2020, Official anniversary concert 30 years Primavera with the Bosch Symphony Orchestra, Bosch Choir and the Bach Choir Freiburg, Liederhalle, Beethoven Hall, Stuttgart.

It goes without saying that we do not use any donations for our anniversary events. Instead, admission is free and we ask for voluntary donations in order to be able to continue to carry out our projects successfully.

Event Calendar 2020

CANCELLED 19.03.2020: Joint concert Bosch String Soloists and Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Liederhalle Stuttgart, Mozart Hall

02.10.2020: Official anniversary concert 30 years Primavera with the Bosch Symphony Orchestra, Bosch Choir and the Bach Choir Freiburg, Liederhalle Stuttgart, Beethoven Hall