Primavera Calendar Sales Ceremony

05th March 2018

Coinciding with the 28th anniversary of Primavera, the Primavera Calendar Sales Award Ceremony 2018 took place on a sunny Monday, March 5. Mr. Kuebel, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH and chairman of the management board of Primavera e.V., opened the ceremony with warm words of welcome and thanked all sellers for their commitment and their engagement for Primavera.

As in the previous years, the Primavera calendar sellers were awarded in three categories: “Most calendars sold”, “most creative booth”, and “lucky draw”. With 550 sold calendars in Feuerbach, Jennifer Gaertner and Miriam Kiederle won in the category “most calendars sold”. After having won in the category “lucky draw” some years ago, their goal was to once win the award in this category. They had a tough competition: Sati Riedel who has been awarded every year since the introduction of the Primavera calendar sold 500 calendars in Reutlingen and thereby won the second place in the category “most calendars sold”.

The most creative booth this year could be found in Japan: the Primavera Japan team with sales booths in Shibuya, Higashimatsuyama, and Yokohama was awarded for their great engagement. Jan Trachte received the price as a representative for the teams in Japan. Second place in this category was the Wernau plant with Shqipe Ramadani, Thomas Stross, and Dominik Foettinger.

This year was the first year that award winners could also be found outside Germany. We are proud to have calendar sellers in around 70 locations all over the world. Not only in the category “most creative booth” with Japan as winner, but also in the category “lucky draw” one award went abroad. Birgit Sacha from Milan, Italy, participated in the Sales Award via skype which was a new but very positive experience. The second prize in this category was awarded to Manuela Hub, Felipe Bolaños, and Stefan Tscherner with their sales booth in Zuffenhausen.

We are happy to announce that our sales results this year overachieved all result from the previous years and that a record amount of money could be collected in order to help children all over the world. With more than 5,000 sold calendars and more than 46,000 EUR this is the biggest contribution that one single project has on Primavera.

Great thanks to all supporters, sellers, and donors all over the world!

Event Calendar 2018

23.02.2018: Premiere "39 Steps" (Film adaptation Alfred Hitchcock)

07.03.2018: Primavera General Assembly

23.03.2018: Benefit event theatre group in Renningen in favour of Primavera
09.05.2018: Spring Concert Bosch Jazz Orchestra, at Bosch Haus Heidehof

03.10.2018: Concert of Bosch String Soloists and Bosch Big Band, Liederhalle Stuttgart

"39 Steps", Bosch Theatre Group
13.10.2018: Bosch Hallein
27.10.2018: Abstatt Vereinszentrum Goldschiedstraße
10.11.2018: Bosch Plant Reutlingen

30.11.2018: Charity concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra in Renningen

12.07.2018: Christmas Concert Bosch Jazz Orchestra, Bosch Haus Heidehof

10.12.2018: Christmas Concert Bosch Jazz Orchestra, Bosch Haus Heidehof

12.12.2018: Festival concert "Quempas-Singen" with Bosch music groups at Stadtkirche Bad Cannstatt