Festive mood for Christmas - Quempas concert with Bosch music groups

10.12.2013, Stuttgart

2013 was finished again with the traditional Quempas concert at the Stiftskirche in Stuttgart on Tuesday, December 10. The entire proceeds from ticket sales were donated to Primavera.

For the gala concert , the conductors Ulrich Walddörfer and Hannes Reich had selected the Magnificat by John Rutter , one of the most important composers of choral and church music of our time. His interpretation of the Magnificat by Johann Sebastian Bach delivers a unique and exceptional representative diversity: cheerfulness , gentleness and almost military trains . The vocal soloists (Bosch Choir , Philharmonic Choir of Heilbronn and the soprano Christine Reber ) led through the work magnificently with beautiful voices.

It was followed by the Concerto grosso in B flat major ofthe Bosch Symphonic Orchestra, that impressed with great melodies and ornate sets.

The choral writing Quempas , the heart of past centuries Christmas singing , the "Quem pastores laudavere" - "The glorified the shepherds , honor" was presented by students of the Salian Gymnasium Waiblingen. It was sung alternately, from four different corners of the church. A symbol for the delivery of the happy message of Bethlehem to the "four corners of the earth".

A very special concert evening came to an end with "Oh Holy Night" - sung by 120 singers of the Stuttgart Bosch Choir, the Philharmonic Choir of Heilbronn, the choir of the Salian Gymnasium Waiblingen, the Bosch Symphonic Orchestra with brass ensemble and the audience in the packed collegiate church. Proceeds of the evening amounted to 10,230 EUR – a great result for Primavera.

Christmas Benefit Concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra

09.12.2013, Bosch Haus Heidehof

Soon it is time again - Christmas is coming and we look forward to the benefit concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra, which is organized by the members of the Junior Managers Program. The revenue from admission, the surpluses from catering and additional donations will be contributed to the Primavera projects completely.

In past years, the seats were sold out within a few hours. Since not all colleagues will get the invitation at the same time, we will raffle off the tickets below all registrations this year. Please understand that only two people can be considered per registration.

Location: Bosch Haus Heidehof
Entrance: 18 p.m.
Costs: 5 EUR, payable at the box-office
Registration deadline: November 12th, 2013

Please send your binding registration with full acknowledgment of persons (first name and last name) and the subject "Christmas Charity Concert" to:

Musical end to the year for charity!

25.11.2013, Abstatt

The Christmas Charity Concert of Bosch Jazz Orchestra (BoJO) at the end of November was a great success. Bernhard Bihr, Managing Director of Bosch Engineering GmbH, welcomed more than 260 guests in Abstatt and opened the concert for the benefit of Primavera aid organization - help for children in need.

While it was snowing outside, the orchestra started playing the atmospheric end of the year with the wonderful voices of Miriam Angstmann and Michael Fischer. With jazz classics, interpretations of Norah Jones and Michael Bublé and many Christmas songs such as "Let it Snow" or "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer " they conjured pre-Christmas atmosphere. The final highlight of the evening was singer Miriam Angstmann with the song "Silent Night".

The sales revenue of the BoJO CD "First Impression" were completely donated for aid projects of Primavera. Together with the donations, a total amount of 1,913 EUR was gathered. On behalf of the children, Primavera likes to thank the BoJO for the wonderful concert and all our guests for the generous donations.

World Music Tour of the Bosch Music Groups

08.11.2013, Liederhalle in Stuttgart

The Bosch music groups invited for a benefit concert to the Liederhalle in Stuttgart. This musical journey was organized by the various Bosch music groups such as the Symphony Orchestra, Big Band, the choir, the drummers Tenmadaiko and some vocal soloists. Over 2,000 guests were delighted by the colorful program of familiar melodies and attractive rhythms. Also the composition "Bosch World of Innovation" could be experienced again on this evening, which was performed by Thorsten Wollmann for the anniversary gala in 2011 for the first time.

After a break, the musical director of the Symphony Orchestra Ulrich Walddörfer was sayed goodbye by Volkmar Denner and Christoph Kübel - Management Board of the Robert Bosch GmbH. After 20 years he handed over the baton to Hannes Reich.

Afterwards the evening continued with the peppy sounds and ended with more contemplative symphony "Finlandia " by Jean Sibelius.

The audience thanked with big applause and generous donations. A total of 15,500 EUR was gathered for Primavera projects.
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JMP members roll up their sleeves for Primavera

Stuttgarter Hofbräufest 2013, Germany

37 current and former JMP members (Junior Manager Program) met again this yearl to actively promote the cause of Primavera, helping children to help themselves, at the Hofbraeufest in Stuttgart. The young people came from Germany, Asia, Brazil and the Netherlands. Travel and accommodation were arranged by themselves and on their own account. Then it came to organizing their service. After all, 20,000 visitors had to be satisfied.

And so, that Saturday morning's motto was: roll the sleeves up and get down! They tapped beer, cleared tables and even accompanied tours of the brewery. Time went on, as the volunteers fulfilled their duty with joy and enthusiasm.

The amount of 2.700 EUR, which was given to the JMPlers by Stuttgarter Hofbrau, was donated entirely to Primavera. Many thanks to this international JMP team for the great idea and support!

A working day's atmospheric end ...

2nd Afterwork Lounge in Stuttgart

For the second time in a row, the JMP hosted their Afterwork Lounge on September 6th, 2013. Under the motto "eat, meet and beat" 200 young Bosch associates met at 18.00 clock at the Bosch Haus Heidehof. In the spirit of "diversity", Feuerbach-based trainees and young designers from India and the Americas provided a great selection of culinary delights. In addition to the welcoming cocktail, the BPS* bar held more surpriding cocktail creations, like "G's Darling" or "Roberts Special". After sunset, the visitors enjoyed the beautiful views, the unique atmosphere with mood lighting and DJ "Turntable Linch" provided with electro beats for the background music of the evening.

There was a lottery, with great Power Tool prices - such as the much sought-after IXO Spice - to win and the more daring guests could let themselves being photographed with various headgear for the good cause.

After the "JMP for Primavera" evening, a donation of 3,747.04 EUR could be transferred to Primavera. Our thanks go to all donors, friends and sponsors of Primavera, Bosch Cultural groups and the group photo Schwieberdingen and of course the BHH-team and all the hard working volunteers for their overwhelming support.

Springtime benefit concert at the Bosch Haus Heidehof

The Bosch Jazz Orchestra

The JMP'ler (Junior Managers Program members) invited for a benefit concert with the Bosch Jazz Orchestra on April 22nd at the Bosch Haus Heidehof.

In the almost fully occupied plenary, guests including members of the Bosch family, the JMP team and Eberhard Seibold (Primavera), were warmly welcomed and kindly asked the audience to donate for Primavera.

Then the Bojo started the evening in alively manner with It Don't Mean A Thing. This was followed by a colorful array of different titles and rhythms that were greatly presented by the musicians and soloists of the Bojo. After a few instrumental pieces, the evening went on with the song titles Everthing and Sway, which were presented by Miriam Angstmann. After Almost Like Being In Love, there was a break. The pleasant spring temperatures allowed to enjoy the ambiance at the Bosch property and leave your worries a little behind. Some snacks and drinks were provided as well.

The second half was opened with Shaw Thing, a classic of the clarinettist Artie Shaw and perfectly interpreted by Bettina Raff. Other soloists were Michael Fischer with the song title Beyond The Sea, Bernhard Schätzle with the saxophone feature Lonely Street and M. Angstmann together with Klaus-Jürgen Krebes' tenor saxophone and an extraordinary interpretation of the song Summertime.

The audience was enthusiastic and asked for several encores with much applause. Under the leadership of Josef Herzog the spring concert 2013 was closed with What A Wonderful World. Also the willingness to donate was wonderful and lead to a very nice result of 2,587 EUR in favor of Primavera.

"The Visit of the Old Lady" by F. Dürrenmatt

The Bosch Theatre Group

On four evenings, the Bosch theater group offered the tragic comedy "The Visit of the Old Lady" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt at various stages. All evenings were fully booked - especially with many pupils, who are going to complete their Abitur.

The main protagonists Claire Zachanassian and Alfred Ill, the director Vivian Scheuerle consciously occupied with younger actors to clearly address the story to young people.

Claire returns to her decaying hometown as a billionaire and wants revenge for her once broken heart and honour, and sets in motion a tragi-comic social experiment of moral values. She offers the town’s people one billion in exchange for “justice” – that is, if someone kills Alfred Ill, her former lover. The town’s people are outraged at first and stand up for Alfred but very soon, one by one, they begin to acquire hitherto unfordable goods and purchases...

The grotesque fable was staged greatly and contemporary presented by the Ensemble Theatre of the Bosch Group. The visitors thanked with applause and generous donations. A total of 4,881 EUR can be credited to the donations account of Primavera.

Many thanks to the Bosch theater group and all donators!

Events summarized

  • April 24th 2013: Annual meeting of members at the Schillerhöhe EG/Audi 1 from 6 - 8 p.m.
  • May 10th, 2013: Concert of the Bosch Symphonic Orchestra in Magdeburg
  • June 28th-30th, 2013:Bosch Boxberg Klassik
  • September 6th, 2013: Afterwork Lounge, Bosch Haus Heidehof
  • September 14th, 2013: Stuttgarter Hofbräu festival
  • November 8th, 2013: Benefit conzert "Bosch World of Innovation" of the Bosch orchestra in the Beethoven hall of the Liederhalle, Stuttgart
  • November 25th, 2013: Christmas concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra in Abstatt
  • November 25th, 2013: Opening ceremony of the new school building, Brits in South Africa
  • December 9th, 2013: Christmas concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra at Bosch Haus Heidehof, Stuttgart
  • December 10th, 2013: Quempas singing at the Stiftskirche in Stuttgart
    All proceeds from ticket sales go to Primavera!