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primavera Report 2014

Dear Primavera members,
It might surprise you that you can now get the Primavera Report in electronic form, which you usually receive with the December edition of the Bosch Zünder in printed format. Because the date of publication of the Bosch Zünder had to be postponed until early January 2015, you will receive the report delivered now in electronic PDF format and then later the printed version with the Bosch Zünder.

In the current Primavera Report we again report on Primavera projects that support children and young people in improving their chances for a better future. Through intensive care, school support, vocational training as well as advice and support in all questions of health, hygiene, nutrition and family planning.

Next year, Primavera looks back on 25 years of active work and support. With donations totalling seven million Euros, Primavera could do a lot during that time and reach, support and encourage thousands of children, who live below the poverty line.

Much has happened, but it remains more than ever a lot to do to help children and young people in need.

Your help is needed more than ever because only through your generous donations - for which we thank you very much - can Primavera continue to support the numerous international projects and support them with the many volunteer Bosch employees on site.

We thank you very much in advance for your help.

With best regards and good wishes
Your Primavera team


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