A culinary travel around the world

New cooking book is now ready for Primavera

It is already a well-established tradition that young professionals and managers from the Bosch talent pool support Primavera activities.

This year, a team of talent pool members from Schillerhöhe and Feuerbach has created and published the first Primavera cooking book. The project aims to increase awareness for Primavera on the one hand. Additionally, a huge amount of donations shall be gathered for the Primavera projects.

The Primavera Cooking book gives you the opportunity to go on a culinary travel around the world. You will go through 10 countries in which Primavera projects are located. Within this trip, you will discover not only a variety of traditional and international cuisine, but also learn a lot about the diversity of Primavera projects. All the recipes have been selected carefully by the team members. On the other hand, the team cooked every single plate and took delicious looking photographs. Totally, there are more than 30 tasteful dishes in one book, which insure you a culinary delight.

The first cooking books were presented during the last Primavera Garden Party on 15th of July ’17 and gained already a very positive feedback.

All the earnings from the sales of this book will to 100% be donated to Primavera projects.

If you want to support Primavera by donating 15 EUR for a cooking book, please check out our Bosch Connect Community “Primavera Kochbuch” or contact