A culinary travel around the world

New cooking book is now ready for Primavera

It has already become a good tradition for the candidates from the Bosch Talent Pool (formerly Förderkreis) to support Primavera activities.

As part of the Talent Pool 2017, the candidates from the Schillerhöhe and Feuerbach sites got involved by designing a Primavera cookbook. The aim of the project was thereby to increase the awareness of Primavera and to make Primavera tangible.

The cookbook offers you the opportunity to go on a culinary trip around the world. You cross 10 countries in which Primavera projects are promoted. During this journey you will not only get to know the variations of traditional world cuisine, but also the variety of aid projects in different regions. All dishes have been carefully selected, cooked and photographed by the team. The result is a total of more than 30 delicious recipes that offer culinary delights for the palate.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the cookbooks will go to the Primavera projects.

If you would like to support Primavera, simply order a cookbook for 15 EUR. For more information, visit the Bosch Connect Community "Primavera Cookbook", or order directly from the contact person