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Our organization relies on the support of each helper! We are pleased with the rapidly growing interest in our work and the ever-growing membership. As diverse as our members are, so different are their motivations and responsibilities within the organization. In this section you will find interesting interviews from both the projects and from the administrative area.

‘Voluntary engagement is crucial. Furthermore, at Primavera, the leading social principles and beliefs of the company founder materialize and are lived. Thus we can be sure, that help is delivered, where there is need for it.’

Interview with Daniel Kipp, chief executive from InduPrint Service

Every Bosch Associate might know Induprint, but not everyone knows who stands behind it. Induprint is a Family-run Business and since 2010, Daniel Kipp has taken the reigns from the former company founder. Today we continue our series with Daniel, chief executive from Induprint Services GmbH. Read more.

"At Primavera it is guaranteed that every single Euro is used for the projects. Everybody is working in an honorary capacity for Primavera."

Interview with Gabriele Geisbauer, administrative office of Primavera and member of the Primavera board

My name is Gabriele Geisbauer. After 40 years of working at Bosch, I am now retired. Since 1995 I am member of Primavera and since 2002 I am responsible for the administrative office and member of the Primavera board.Read More ...

"Supporting Primavera I can actively tackle things and, best of all, I am sure that everything earned by my support reaches the children and youths in need in full."

Interview with Sebastian Krieger, Senior Consultant Strategy Process Diesel Systems Robert Bosch GmbH

I am Sebastian Krieger, Senior Consultant Strategy Process at DS.
I am member of the Primavera organization committee and of the Primavera Bosch Connect team. Additionally I participate in the Primavera EFQM work group, where we take care of future topics and the strategic concept of Primavera in the upcoming years. Read more ...

"The social responsibility, which is also anchored in our Bosch values, is carried out into the world by our numerous volunteers, not only in word, but in deed as well."

Interview with Markus Heyn, Membor of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH

My name is Markus Heyn. I am member of the Robert Bosch GmbH Board of Management since April 2015. I am responsible for Automotive Original Equipment Sales as well as Corporate Marketing and Sales, Automotive Aftermarket and the subsidiaries ETAS and Bosch Engineering. The many cultural offers initiated by Primavera brought him in contact with the organisation already early in my Bosch career. Read More ...

"One of the telling arguments for Primavera is that every single euro is to 100% destined for the projects and aid for children in need."

Interview with Petra Itzinger. Former associate at Bosch Power Tools in Leinfelden in Marketing, in the department of international advertising.

Long before leaving the company and stepping into my “new” life of no longer being an active Bosch associate, I was looking for a challenging activity but primarily for an engagement where I could help other people, especially children. That’s how I discovered Primavera and what I learned about their work instantly convinced me. Read more ...

"It’s good to know that one’s own deeds can move and promote something really sustainable."

Interview with Ann-Kathrin Scholl, Trainee in the Junior Managers Program (JMP)

My name is Ann-Kathrin Scholl and I am a trainee in the Bosch Junior Managers Program (JMP) in the purchasing department with stations in purchasing, sales and controlling. Currently I am working in Vietnam. I joined Bosch on September 1st, 2014. I first encountered Primavera in 2000, when I, as a 10 year old in 5th form, was part of the school choir of the Salier Gymnasium in Waiblingen. Every year, this school choir participates in the Quempass singing in the “Stiftskirche” in Stuttgart. Read More ...

"The aid towards children and teenager isn’t only temporary. They receive a widespread offer concerning education and training and thus have better opportunities for their further lives."

Interview with Dieter Braitmayer, member of the Primavera organization team

My name is Dieter Braitmayer. I am retiree and former Bosch associate. I worked in the department of fairs and exhibitions.
I’m a member of the Primavera organization team which means our task is to advise and to support Primavera during events at Bosch locations and Bosch concerts. This starts with planning the employment of staff, managing the advertising material and raffles in order to raise money for Primavera. The Primavera summer and garden parties or the Bosch Boxberg Klassik Rally are always big events. In addition to that, I am responsible for the organization, administration and inventory of the Primavera warehouse. Read more ...

Christmas in Mexico

How children celebrate christmas in Mexico....

"On christmas, I wait for Santa Clause and visit my grandfather, grandmother and aunt. We all do eat chicken soup. I hope to get a baby doll and a Barbie’s car."

Paulina, 3 years

How Luis Angel celebrates christmas....

"On christmas, my dad and my uncle Lupe will visit. We do decorate the house with lights and hit the piñata. We all do eat rice, soup, tacos, chicken, everything! I want a flying car and visit Santa Clause to help him deliver all the presents."

Luis Angel, 3 years

How Elizabeth celebrates christmas....

"On christmas, Santa Claus and my grandfather will visit. With my dad and my family, we all do eat chicken soup, tortillas and rice. I want a baby doll and a Barbie's house."

Elizabeth, 4 years

How Denise celebrates christmas...

"On christmas, my mom will visit me as I do live with my aunt. With my father and older brother, we all do eat shredded chicken. I want a doll that can talk and walk."

Denise, 4 years

How Juan celebrates christmas...

"On Christmas, Santa Claus and the “Reyes Magos”, my Uncles and cousins will visit. I spend the Christmas night with my family and help with the Christmas tree and the lights. I will eat a sandwich with jam! And zopole! [Pozole: Traditional soup with mais] I want a supermarket car, captin Buzz Lightyear and a tricycle."

Juan, 4 years


Helping, not looking the other way.

Interview with founder Marianne Waas-Frey

Nothing is as old as yesterday’s newspaper. But as a journalist, Marianne Waas-Frey succeeded all the same in creating something lasting. Moved by what she saw on a trip to Brazil, she founded the organization “Primavera – helping children in need” in 1990. In 2008, this achievement brought her the badge of honor of the state of Baden-Württemberg “in honor of many years of voluntary service.”
In the course of 20 years, this organization, whose membership is open solely to Bosch associates, has collected nearly four million euros in donations. This money is now helping 20,000 children living in slums close to Bosch locations in Latin America and in Asia. Marianne Waas-Frey has worked tirelessly and with immense dedication to give these children a chance of a brighter future. But it all began in Brazil. More...