Skills for Life

Chang Mai

Project location: Chiang Mai
Number of children supported: 30
Type of support: Scholarship
Period of support: since 2015
Contact at primavera board: Katharina Lange

In 2014, Dominique Leutwiler founded the “Skills for Life” project as she saw the need to further support children from the age of 9th grade. Many foundations in the north of Thailand support children from young age until 9th grade. Afterwards, young teens are often left on their own and without further education struggle to succeed in life.

Upon the successful end of their school year, children of the age of 15 are taught about health, nutrition, ecological farming, languages, technologies and vocational skills. Some manage to attend universities.

This project is supported by private donations, sponsorships and cooperation from local businesses. Companies recognize and appreciate the robust training provided by “Skills for Life” and many benefit from the trained young workforce. The skills learned at “Skills for Life” provide good opportunities for students to find jobs.

In 2015 Primavera started funding the “Skills for Life” project through donations and will cover costs for transportation and learning materials. Bosch Thailand provides additional financial support and vocational training. In addition, Bosch associates provide counselling and connect the foundation with Faculty of Arts at Chiang Mai University where the children can reach out to their mentors on vocational skills topic.

With the commitment of “Skills for Life” program disadvantaged people can now have an opportunity to succeed in the society.

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Hand to Hand


Project location: Pattaya
Number of children supported: 20
Type of support: Education- Scholarships for poor students
Period of support: since 2017
Contact at primavera board: Katharina Lange

The Hand to Hand Foundation was established nine years ago by Margie Grainger as she was saddened by the number of children being placed in orphanages due to poverty.

Many of these children had families who loved them, but they simply could not afford to educate, feed and clothe them. The parents believed the only hope for a positive future for their child was to leave them at an orphanage who would provide ‘everything’ they needed.

In 2010, Margie, Pai and Mon began to do whatever they could to keep these children in their loving families by providing scholarships for 12 children. Today with the help of primavera, there are over 100 students receiving education from kindergarten through to university. The scholarship for each student covers 100% of all books, uniforms and school supplies such as stationary, bags and hats. Each student receives a 750 baht allowance every month to assist with transportation costs or provides a budget for the students to purchase breakfast before school if needed.

Only students who are committed to attending school and from poor economic situations are considered for the program. Many students are recommended by the government social welfare officers and principals of schools who identify needy students.

Several students have already graduated from university and all of them are now in full time employment making them financially stable. This means they can now support all of their immediate family improving the quality of life for several generations.

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