Skills for Life

Chang Mai

In 2003 the first “School for Life” was created by Prof. Dr. Juergen Zimmer, in Chiang Mai, capital of northern Thailand. Since then, under-privileged children and discriminated minorities living in extremely poor conditions receive assistance and counseling at “School for Life”. These are children who are under age workers, have been abused and live on the streets.

Currently there are more than 100 students who are taught by caring, engaged and competent skilled employees.

Since last year, the “School for Life” has been extended with the “Skills for Life” project. Upon the successful end of their school year, children of the age of 15 are taught about health, nutrition, ecological farming, languages, technologies and vocational skills.

This project is supported by private donations, sponsorships and cooperation from local businesses.

Companies recognize and appreciate the robust training provided by “Skills for Life” and many benefit from the trained young workforce. The skills learned at “Skills for Life” provide good opportunities for students to find jobs.

Thailand has recognized the contribution of “Skills for Life” and will officially certify the school in the next few weeks.

In 2015 Primavera will fund the “Skills for Life” project through donations and will cover all appropriate costs for transportation and learning materials.

Robert Bosch Thailand provides essential school and training materials. In addition Bosch associates volunteer their time by supporting apprenticeships and practical training courses. With the commitment of “Skills for Life” program disadvantaged people can now an opportunity to succeed in society.

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Hand to Hand


Pattaya is a big city in the east region of Thailand. It is internationally known as a vacation resort and increasing booming tourism as well as a strong expansion of industries. Every year, this big city draws millions of workers and their families, who are migrating from deprived regions of the north of the country and from Cambodia and Myanmar.

Foreign immigrant workers are not allowed to work or live in Thailand without a permit. Since only a few immigrants will find a job, the others will live in Thailand illegally and underground, ending up either in prison, sent back to their homeland or, for children, in orphanage. They live a life in poverty, filled with fear on the street or in the slums. As a consequence, there is a huge increase of criminality such as drug trafficking and prostitution.

The state registered aid organization called “Hand-to-Hand” in Pattaya is working to prevent the children and young adult from falling into this trap.
This enterprise has been the work of the Australian Margaret Grainger who receives aid from private donation and financially strong sponsors.

For several years, Margaret Grainger has partnered with Bosch Singapore. As an example of this commitment, Claudia Hayes, wife of ASEAN regional president tracks the project and coordinates the activities. This requires regular visits to Pattaya.

Through this effort, there are now approximately 60 children currently attending the pre-school/kindergarten and 50 children are going to free public school. “Hand-to-Hand” supplies the needed books, school uniforms and snacks for school. The organization also provides transportation for the kids to and from school in remote areas.
The organization also takes care of the children’s families and single mothers from the slums. It also supplies on a regular basis baby food, clothes, groceries and toys.

In 2015 Primavera will continue to support “Hand-to-Hand” effort in Pattaya, Thailand. The goal will be to further reduce the number of children living in the streets. The wives of 2 plant managers of Bosch Automotive (Thailand) in Rayon, which is close to Pattaya are responsible of the implementation and coordination of the aid effort, established by Claudia Hayes.
Furthermore, associates from Robert Bosch Ltd Bangkok are now supporting the aid effort by collecting donations etc. All that is done via volunteering and social commitment.

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About Thailand...

Capital: Bangkok
Area 513.115 km²
Population: 69.5 million
Population Density: 135 inh. / km²
Population Growth: 0,72 % p.a.
Official Languages: Thai
Literacy Rate: 94 %
Religion: Theravada Buddhism (94 %),
Curreny: Baht

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