Positive interim balance for Blaj project


Project location: Blaj
Number of children supported: 30
Type of support: Medical, psychological support
Period of support: since 2016
Contact at primavera board: Katharina Lange

Within the Maltese Aid Service, the Blaj Branch runs two programs, each dedicated to a different group of beneficiaries.

One of them is for children under 18 and their families. Initially the specialized services social, psychological counseling, occupational therapy and kineto therapy, were voluntarily (but rather inconsistent) offered by the collaborating specialists. With financial support from primavera it was possible to have a psychologist and a social worker available on a regular basis, from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. These specialists as well as other volunteers also work with the other category of beneficiaries, respectively young adults to whom the Maltese Aid Service Blaj Branch also tries to offer specialized services.

The program "School for older children", within SAMR focusses on young people with disabilities older 18 years, who have completed their studies or who have not attended any form of education and who are in situations of isolation and social marginalization.

The purpose of the center is to carry out social counseling activities, psychological counseling, empowerment and rehabilitation, development of independent living skills, development of work skills, preparation for employment and support for maintaining the workplace as well as integration and social and civic participation.

In the last 3 years, thanks to the collaboration with Primavera the association managed to renovate the building and thus provide a suitable environment for the beneficiaries. They also managed to offer specialized services and record remarkable progress in terms of the evolution of children and young people with disabilities as well as in terms of increasing the quality of parents’ life offering them the support they need with their children.

Since 2016, Primavera supports approximately 30 children and teenagers in Blaj.


  • Capital: Bukarest
  • Area 238.3917 km²
  • Population: 19.410.000 (2019)

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