Help for the victims of the Philippines typhoon

Makati City

Primavera received a dedicated donation of 150,000 EUR from the Robert Bosch GmbH. In parallel, a total amount of 12,000 EUR was received - with reference to this catastrophe - and increased by the board of the association by an additional 12,000 EUR. Thus we can participate in the reconstruction, in close cooperation with the local Bosch subsidiary, with 174,000 EUR in total.

It was decided, to support the project of "Habitat for Humanity", to build simple houses and community facilities on the islands of Leyte and Cebu. As things stand, with these resources we can afford six multi-purpose community centers, three school buildings and three libraries.

The project is supported from our side by Ms. Kristina Reyes, C/CCR-PH, with support from two Bosch employees who live on these islands. We will be informed on the progress of construction every two months. Further donations under the heading "Philippines typhoon" are very welcome and help to alleviate the suffering of the population.

Elsie Gaches Village


Elsie Gaches is the only home for mentally and physically handicapped children at the Philippines and is organized by sisters of a Spanish order. Roundabout 630 children and teenager with different handicaps do live here and are taken care of medically.

Homepage Elsie Gaches

Dr. Fabella Memorial Hospital


In this birth hospital in Manila, pregnant girls are taken care of. 30 % of about 80 births daily are early or risk births. Since 2004, Bosch Philippines supports this hospital together with the "Springboard Foundation" and "Give-A-Life Foundation", especially in the purchasing of incubators and medical equipment.

Homepage Dr. Fabella Memorial Hospital

About the Philippines..

Capital: Manila
Area 299.764 km²
Population: 95 million
Population Density: 308 inhab. / km²
Population Growth: 2 % p.a.
Official Languages: Filipino, English
Literacy Rate: 95,1 %
Religion: Catholic Majority (81 %),
Curreny: Filipino Peso, PHP

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