A new bus for the children of Munaychay

Munaychay, Peru

The childrens' village "Munaychay" is at the heart of the charity "Hearts for a New World", which was founded in Königstein 1998. The village is located in the Chicon Valley, 60 kilometers away from Cusco, at almost 3,000 meters in the high Andes. The 70 children who live here are orphans, have been abandoned or their parents were unable to feed them.

In the childrens' village they have now found a loving home to grow up protected and can develop accordingly. About 50 of them go to school and have to take daily long walks to get there. But, with the support of Primavera, a new bus could be purchased recently, which now takes the kids to school and brings them back to the childrens' village.

The children are very happy about the new bus and look forward every day to the shared drives.

Books for 12 schools

Urubamba, Peru

The directors of the schools were overjoyed when they received the numerous books, toys, board games and globes on the stage in the Cultural Salon in Urubamba (See images). The donation of books worth 12,000 EUR is the first joint relief of the two German-Peruvian aid organizations Primavera and Corazones para Peru and thus supports 12 schools in the region Urubamba, for example in Chicon, Huilloc and Yanahuara. More...

Corazones para Peru

Urubamba, Cusco

The project was founded in 1998 by Dieter Arnold with the objective, to provide medical healthcare, food, education and training programs to the children in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes. The children in these areas otherwise would not have a chance of an independent life and often they are malnourished or sick. Often they are sent from their parent to earn money, because the parents themselves do not have a sufficient income. Quite often, the children live as orphans on the street and often end up in crime and prostitution.

The project began with a kindergarten for 50 children with a small kitchen near Urubamba, about 60 km from Cusco. Afterwards a health center with a meeting room for the church followed and an orphanage for about 80 orphans. Meanwhile a school for 6 - to 16-year olds was built, where more than 200 children are taught. To also help the families, the project grants micro loans for start-ups, with appropriate advice and guidance from experts. For example, for growing vegetables or breeding of guinea pigs, which are a delicacy in Peru. Sustainability in all projects and activities are most impoartant for the project management

Today, the project has 55 employees. The project is funded through donations and sponsorships, as well as through internal activities such as cultivation and sale of agricultural products, various handicrafts such as letter cards with dried flowers of the Andes.

About Peru...

Capital: Lima
Area 1.285.220 km²
Population: 29,5 million
Population Density: 22 inh. / km²
Population Growth: 0.72 % p.a.
Official Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aimara
Literacy Rate: 92.9 %
Religion: Catholic (81 %), Protestant (12 %)
Curreny: Nuevo Sol

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