New educational project


In Asuncion, capital of Paraguay with more than 544,000 inhabitants, a new training project for underprivileged youth is being established with the support of Bosch Latainamerika (RBLA) and Primavera. The Kolping organization, which already operates an education and training center in Asuncion, will be giving the trainings.

The goal is to help young people who don't have the possibility to graduate from middle school or high school to gain a basic training in various technical fields. They will be trained to become electricians, welders, specialists for security systems, air conditioning, and more. This happens either in a dual system or by simple theoretical and practical training through electricians in the Institute. This is done in cooperation with the State education agencies, so that the formal recognition of training courses is ensured by the authorities.

Robert Bosch Latin America (RBLA) takes over the technical equipment of classrooms and the provision of the required learning material. Employees of RBLA are volunteer training teachers for the specific contents. Primavera supports the project with 15,000 EUR and is financing the additional teachers.

A large number of young people are living below the poverty line. With this project, they will be promoted sustainably and hopefully be able to exit the vicious circle of poverty an hopelessness.

Currently, the economy grows in Paraguay and provides well-trained young people the best chance to find a well-paid job.

Francisco, for example, told that he has previously worked in agriculture and is at the moment working as an unskilled laborer. Now, he has registered for a course in automotive electronics at the training center: He wants to qualify to earn more money, start a family and support his parents and his siblings.

Instituto de Formación Profesional Kolping


The Technical School of the Kolping Society conducts its ideas in accordance with the ideals of their founder Adolph Kolping. The Technical School offers several alternatives of a basic education connected with a humanistic and technical education to support the economically less advantaged members of the civilian population.

This project has the goal of reducing unemployment among the youth of the capital Asunción and surrounding Central Province to give them the opportunity to integrate into working life and to gain a better income. In this school, about 200 young adults should receive a technical education within 2 years.

About Paraguay...

Capital: Asunción
Area: 406.752 km²
Population: 6.375.830 million
Population Density: 16 inhabit. / km²
Population Growth: 0,67 % p.a.
Official Languages: Guaraní and Spanish
Literacy Rate: 94 %
Religion: Katholisch (80 %)
Curreny: Guaraní

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