Me gusta mi escuela

Mexico City, Toluca, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes, Monterrey, Juarez, Juarez II and Hermosillo

The project "Me gusta mi escuela" was founded in 2007 and, in the meantime, supports eight institutions in several cities of Mexico. Target of this project is improving the interior equipment and infrastructure of these schools, to offer a optimal care for children. 2011 was a particularly successful year, in which a variety of projects could be implemented and even a new project "Aguascalientes" joined.

Lázaro Cárdenas
"Lázaro Cárdenas" Primary School received a new roof as well as two newly refurbished class rooms.

Pablo Neruda
At "Pablo Neruda" School, intrusion protection wa simproved and math classes are continuously supported by volunteers.

Elvira Luna Muñoz
"Elvira Luna Muñoz" kindergarden got a new schoolyard for the kids to play.

Hogar del Niño A.C.
The courtyard of the kindergarden "Hogar del Niño AC" was roofed and can now be used in any weather.

Instituto Down de Monterrey
Two dedicated, specially equipped classrooms to stimulate creativity of children suffering from Down's syndrome at the "Instituto Down de Monterrey"

About Mexico ...

Capital: Mexico City
Area 1.972.550 km²
Population: 112 million
Population Density: 57 inhabitants / km²
Population Growth: 1,45 % p.a.
Official Languages: Spanish and 62 indigenous languages (since 2003)
Literacy Rate: 93,3 %
Religion: Catholic Majority (87 %),
Curreny: Mexican Peso

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