Fondo Unido

Mexico / Juarez and San Luis Potosi

Project locations: Juarez and San Luis Potosi
Number of children supported: 1.380
Type of support: Scholarships and sustainable education for children
Period of support: since 2015
Contact at primavera board: Ann-Kathrin Scholl

The project "Fondo Unido" exists for around 40 years in Middle and South America aiming at providing children in need with a sustainable primary and secondary education as well as with a sound health care. This also benefits the social environment of the respective children that contribute to the local economy, give back to their communities and support other children in need, once they have successfully graduated and have built up a life of their own.

CETIS - Juarez
CETIS is a scholarship program for 100 students with insufficient financial resources for a proper education. The program enables the kids to finish with a full and official High School diploma which is the baseline for a higher education.

ConCiencia - San Luis Potosi
According to the PISA-studies only ~5% of the children in México that come from socially weak and rural areas possess over mathematical and analytical capabilities that qualify for a higher education. The project #ConCiencia, thus, provides 400 primary school kids in the afternoon with supervision and workshops in which mathematical and physical problem solving skills are trained and developed.

Constructive Mathematics - Juarez
This project is all about taking care of younger children in their free time after class. Instead of spending their time with local gangs on the streets, the kids are supervised and taught mathematical games and science puzzles.

Me gusta mi escuela

Mexico City, Toluca, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes, Monterrey, Juarez, Juarez II and Hermosillo

Project locations: México City, Toluca, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes, Juarez, Méxicali, Guadalajara, Colon, Otzolotepec
Number of children supported: 1.090
Type of support: Sustainable education for children, infrastructure measures
Period of support: since 2017
Contact at primavera board: Ann-Kathrin Scholl

The project "Me gusta mi escuela" was established in 2007. It is supporting different social institutions within nine cities in México. Target of the project itself is to enhance the infrastructure and learning environment of schools and kindergardens in order to provide the children with a sustainable education for a self-determined life. 2019 was a very successful year as many activities could be realized and three new projects in San Luis Potosí and Otzolotepec could be initiated.

Ceiling Arch - Otzolotepec
For the young children of the primary school "José Maria Morelos and Pavon" a ceiling arch was financed and built in order to protect the children from solar radiation and heavy rain.

CAM Celestin - San Luis Potosi
In the care center of CAM Celestin Freinet close to San Luís Potosi the Pictogram project is devoted to the development of competencies of 25 children with behavioral and communication disorders (e.g. autism). In collaboration with the local technical university, a specific software program running on tablet computers was developed in order for the children to learn while concentrating easily on playing games.

STEM project - Méxicali
In the school of "Valle de Puebla II" children (7th grade) are taken care of and are educated after the regular classes. They enjoy to play games and realize hands-on science projects.

Lázaro Cárdenas
"Lázaro Cárdenas" Primary School received a new roof as well as two newly refurbished class rooms.

Pablo Neruda
At "Pablo Neruda" School, intrusion protection wa simproved and math classes are continuously supported by volunteers.

Elvira Luna Muñoz
"Elvira Luna Muñoz" kindergarden got a new schoolyard for the kids to play.

Hogar del Niño A.C.
The courtyard of the kindergarden "Hogar del Niño AC" was roofed and can now be used in any weather.

Instituto Down de Monterrey
Two dedicated, specially equipped classrooms to stimulate creativity of children suffering from Down's syndrome at the "Instituto Down de Monterrey"


  • Capital: Mexico City
  • Area 1.973.000 km²
  • Population: 127.600.000 (2019)