New building for orphans in Bersinar

Jakarta, Indonesien

Project location: Jakarta
Number of children supported: 48
Type of support: New building for orphanage, education
Period of support: since 2015
Contact at primavera board: Katharina Lange

The church community International English Service (IES) in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, assists several homes in the region.

Amongst them is the orphanage “Bersinar”. The orphanage was established in 1998 and located in Ciracas, East Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2015, the rented house of the orphanage burnt down. With the financial help by IES contributions, private gifts and a donation of 25,000 EUR from Primavera, the orphanage built a new house.

On May 2016, the new 400-square-meter house was inaugurated in East Jakarta where RBID initiated an employee volunteer program that allows the employees to help clean the environment, decorate the orphanage, and provide entertainment for the children. The three-level house now provides more room for the residents and personnel, with other facilities such as library, music room, living room, multipurpose room, bathrooms, community space and classrooms.

Since 2016, Primavera has been donating 5,000 EUR annually to the orphanage to help cover the cost of the kids education, the home maintenance and renovation. Currently, there are 48 children from different parts of Indonesia living in Bersinar orphanage. The children are mostly orphans or come from problematic social backgrounds.

The children are required by law to attend school. Furthermore, the children of the orphanage receive additional training in the home itself by skilled personnel in areas like sports, English, music, cooking and computer skills. Today, 2 kids from the orphanage are attending athlete’s school in Jakarta and there are 8 candidates from the orphanage planning to enroll into athlete’s school.

Bosch colleagues on site are monitoring the progress of the project.

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  • Capital Jakarta
  • Area: 1.905.000 km²
  • Einwohnerzahl: 270.600.000 (2019)