New building for orphans in Bersinar

Jakarta, Indonesien

The church community International English Service (IES) in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, assists several homes in the region.

Amongst them is a rented house in “Bersinar”, which contract expires at the end of 2015. 41 children from the ages of 1-18 years old currently live in this house, in very tight quarters. For example, 10 girls live in a bedroom measuring 10 x 20 and 11 boys in a room measuring 10 x 18.

The children are mostly orphans or come from problematic social backgrounds. The children are required by law to attend school. The children of the orphanage receive additional training in the home itself by skilled personnel in areas like English, cooking and computer skills. Here also the room conditions are particularly restricted.

This will change with the purchase of the brand new house, “Tampak Depan Panti Asuhan Bersinar”. Victor Neves from Robert Bosch Indonesia and Primavera will support the construction of this new house, which will be completed by the end of January 2016.

The project is financed by IES contributions, private gifts and a donation of 25,000 EUR from Primavera. RBID will provide the equipment and furniture to finish the house.

The three-level house will not only offer more room for the residents and personnel, but will also ensure better facilities, bathrooms, community space and classrooms. Victor Neves and a few Bosch associate volunteers are monitoring the progress of the construction work.

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