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Tamil Nadu

"The best we can do" is the motto of the Shanti Bhavan school. Target of this school is to provide children from socially deprived families a high-quality education. This way, the "vicious circle of poverty" is to be interrupted for these kids and should offer them a real chance for a better future.

Volunteers from the USA and other countries are taking care of these activities as a long-term project.

Homepage: Shanti Bhavan

Indira Gandhi International Academy


This children's home was founded and financed in 1990 by Rajiv Gandhi, the son of Indira Gandhi. It offers accommodation, meals and medical health care for 285 Tamil children. All children had to flee during the civil war from Sri Lanka to India. They are now taught by 10 teachers in the home and the older students attend a nearby College.

Since the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the home receives no government funding and relies entirely on donations. The buildings and facilities are simple and need renovation.

Chiguru Foundation Trust


This daycare serves 40 children and young people from 4 to 18 years who suffer from physical and mental disablilities, such as down's syndrome, Celebraler paralysis, autism, etc. The children are medically examined and treated therapeutically. They are taught in small groups according to the mental skills; amongst others with speech and music therapies, sports, yoga.

The integration into a normal school is possible only rarely and is not the target of this organization. But the children learn simple everyday skills and behaviors such as eating, visiting the toilet, hygiene and so gain self-confidence.
Thus, some young people can be employed in supervised working conditions. The organization does not receive any financial help of the State and is run by donations and voluntarily payments of the parents only.


From wooden huts to stone houses

Life in the Thangamalai slum changed:
With donations from Primavera in Germany, the wretched huts one after the other were replaced by simple stone huts.

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Orphanage Prasanna Jyothi and Nashik

Donations are always welcome in the orphanage Prasanna Jyothi in Bangalore that Primavera support for a long time as well.

For the orphanage at the Indian Bosch location Nashik, Primavera spent the installation of a solar-cooking-system so that the house can save energy costs during the cooking of the children's meals.

Homepage: Prasanna Jyothi

About India...

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