RBAC One-on-One Education Assistance Project


Heishui County is located in the northwest of Sichuan province, a Tibetan-predominated county amidst steep mountains. The area is almost without any industry, why most of the inhabitants depend on farming and animal raising as their main source of income.

The devastating Sichuan Earthquake in 2008 not only destroyed their houses, it also took away some of their family members and has made their lives much harder ever since. The children of the region have been left traumatized and looking forward to an uncertain future.

With the donation of the Bosch Group and associates, the Heishui Musu Bosch Central Primary School has been built. Now, this primary school has 6 grades with 600 students.

Since 2010, Primavera supports the One-on-One Education Assistance Project, initiated by RBAC Volunteer Organization with the aim to support the poor students of Heishui Musu School.

The RBAC Volunteers talk and work with the students individually, in order to better understand their situation and needs. This way, they aim to provide an equal opportunity for all children within a safe and nurturing environment.

New Hope Foundation

In the orphanage in Beijing which has been founded by the british australian couple, abandoned babies are taken up and do get medical attention.

If possible, existing disabilities are treated surgically and the children are looked after until an adoption or home is found.

Homepage: New Hope Foundation

About China...

Capital: Beijing
Area: 9.640.821 km²
Population: 1,4 billion
Population Density:140 inhabitants/ km²ethnicities
Population Growth:0,73% p.a.
Official Languages: Standard Chinese (Mandarin)
Literacy rate: 93.3%
Ethnicities Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur, Zhuang
Religions: Buddhism, Taosim, Islam
Currency: Renminbi

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