Achieving a lot together

Appeal for refugee aid until end of January 2016

Germany is facing one of the greatest challenges of the last few decades. Since the beginning of the year, around 400.000 people passed the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Europe. This rush triggered major discussions in Germany and the EU and raises some questions. In one point everybody agrees: This crisis can only be mastered together. Cohesion, mutual support and integration are important key words concerning the refugee crisis.

Our association Primavera is famous for its comprehensive and permanent support of projects for children and teenagers in emerging and developing countries. However, we support in cases of catastrophes and help people in acute economical and personal emergency situations. No matter what we do, the Primavera principals are in focus: Our support is sustainable and every euro donated goes to those in need.

Robert Bosch GmbH also wants to sustainably support refugee initiatives, and will therefore double every euro which is donated to Primavera by the end of January 2016. By such a close collaboration with Bosch, Primavera can give aid to refugees even more effective and more purposeful. What measures will be implemented in 2016, will be decided after careful inspection by the Primavera board at the beginning of next year.

Help now!

Even the smallest donation can make a difference. By the end of January your commitment will even be enhanced by Bosch doubling every Euro donated to Primavera.

For fundraising we have set up a special Primavera fund: Recipient: Primavera Hilfe für Kinder in Not e.V.
Keyword: Fluechtlingshilfe (help for refugees)
IBAN: DE70 6005 0101 7441 0745 33 (BW-Bank Stuttgart)

Review: 12. Edition of Bosch Boxberg Classic

On the weekend of July 23-24, the 12th Bosch Boxberg Classic rally started at the Bosch plant in Karlsruhe, with 180 vintage and classic cars. In summer 2011 a very special automotive event, because both - the automobile and the Robert Bosch GmbH - are celebrating their 125th anniversary.

The rally has been around since 2000 and enjoys an ever-growing popularity with auto wrenches and classic car enthusiasts. Our special thanks go to everyone who attended the evening event on Saturday night, bought raffle tickets or donated and helped to organise the event: we were able to raise 3,235 € for Primavera projects!

If you want to know more about the Boxberg Classic Rally, please visit

Excitement among the young and the old

Family Day at Bosch Power Tools in Leinfelden

Despite the tropical heat, nearly 4,000 guests and friends participated in the 3 rd Family Day of Bosch Power Tools in Leinfelden. They experienced a perfectly organized event with great entertainment and informational programs, including exhibits, a parade, games and contests for visitors of all ages.

Of course, delicious and abundant food was part of the event and plenty of refreshments were served for the thirsty. Talking about refreshments! The local fire station brought their truck and used their fire hose to spray and cool the guests, to the delight of the little ones in particular.

This event fell under the direction of Claus Kemmner (PT/TCR-Le), General Manager of the Leinfelden location. The activities of the day were organized by several PT departments, who provided fun ideas and suggestions, making the day memorable. On the day of the event, 250 employees and volunteers guaranteed the success of the day.

Primavera was also part of the festivities and sold the beloved Bosch mini’s: electric power tool toys for children, with profits benefiting “Aid for Kids in Need”. At the end of the day Primavera collected 1,623.03 Euros for its cause.

It was a very special and wonderful Family Day at Bosch Power Tools in Leinfelden.

Nuremberg plants support Primavera


On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Primavera, 2 Bosch manufacturing plants in Nuremberg (NuP1 and NuP2) started a fund-raiser for Primavera. Primavera supports 37 projects in 15 different countries. Every Euro goes directly to the projects, which help children from slum areas in developing and emerging countries and offers them a new perspective in life.

Altogether, the NuP associates gave 570 EUR to Primavera. The on-site catering company raised awareness for Primavera by offering special dishes during the Primavera-Lunchweek.

Between May 18 and 22, the Nuremberg plants invited for donations: in NuP1 DH-students organized an info & donation booth in front of the canteen. In NuP2 the action was supported by the diversity team, represented by Irene Balzer, Joanna Lazaridou and Christoph Paul. WVP in person of Mr. Wilhelm organized a charity cake sale.

Special thanks go to to all associates who contributed to this event with their donations.

Springtime benefit concert


It was another great concert of the BoJO, conducted by Sepp Herzog, and a beautiful and entertaining evening in general, which was extremely well-organized by a team of the JMPler. Also, a tombola lured with attractive prices which had been sponsored by the division of Power tools.

The BoJO enchanted the listeners with its music from the very beginning - with swing as well as partly unknown rhythms. However, also with classics like the Bossa Nova "Blue Bossa", "You of are the sunshine of my life" or "Bei mir bist du schoen". This time, besides the well-known singer Miriam Angstmann, Sepp Herzog had also brought another singer, Katharina Müller. Just like Miriam, Katharina adjusted extremely well to the style of the BoJO and, nevertheless, did not give up on her personal note.

The public thanked the musicians for the offered performances with loud and long continuous applause. The orchestra chose the song "Streetlife" as an encore, which gave Miriam the chance to unfold her entire vocal bandwidth one more time. The listeners thanked for the fantastic concert with donations of 2.176 EUR.

Results of 'Balkanflut' fundraiser

January 5th, 2015

We received 16,776 EUR on our special account for the assistance in natural disasters, predominantly from Bosch employees. Robert Bosch GmbH donated an additional 20,000 EUR. Therefore, Primavera could support three aid projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia with the total amount of 37,500 EUR. Every Bosch organization in the respective country identified one project, which received funding of 12,500 EUR.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
More than 100,000 houses, about 200 schools and many hospitals are destroyed. The Hastor Foundation aims to make approx. 200 houses habitable again and to provide a home for many people.

The town of Paracin and its 32,000 inhabitants are affected by the flood in particular. Major clean up is already done and now the recovery of the local economy is very important. Together with the "help for self-help" organization, small business owners are supported in the reconstruction effort.

In Croatia, the state of emergency was proclaimed in several regions because of the flood. The region of Gunja, in which 4,000 people live near the rivers Sava and Danube in eastern Croatia, was particularly hard hit. More than 1,600 homes were destroyed. Here we support the targeted reconstruction through our donation to the relief fund of the municipality of Gunja.

The fundraiser "Balkanflut" is now completed with the transfer of project funding.

Events summarized

  • 23.03.2015: Benefit concert Bosch Jazz Orchestra, Bosch Haus Heidehof in Stuttgart
  • 27.03.2015: Benefit concert Bosch Jazz Orchestra, Bosch Haus Heidehof in Stuttgart
  • 26.-28.26.2015: Bosch Boxberg Klassik, Boxberg
  • 09.10.2015: Birthday party with representatives of the Robert Bosch GmbH, Main hall of the Theatre in Stuttgart
  • 30.11.2015:Christmas concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra at Abstatt
  • 07.12.2015: Christmas concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra in the Bosch Haus Heidehof
  • 08.12.2015: Christmas concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra in the Bosch Haus Heidehof
  • 18.12.2015: Quempas singing at the church in Bad-Cannstatt with the Bosch Choir and Bosch Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart