Our sponsors

In addition to numerous private donators, it is also the sponsors, who continuously support Primavera with material resources or services. Without their effort the various Primavera actions would not be possible.

The spectrum of support varies from the creative development and production of necessary communication materials (brochures, posters, etc.), provision of food and beverages as well as event equipment and services in regards to transportations and logistics. Nothing is self-evident and therefore we thank the companies mentioned specifically.

The joint work and support follows the Primavera principle: Help children, educate them comprehensively and support them sustainably.

Many thanks to all Primavera sponsors!

for a current list of all projects in detail refer to

Aramark, Stuttgart

Beaufort 8, Stuttgart

BW-Medien GmbH, Leonberg

Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart

Ensinger Mineral-Heilquellen GmbH, Vaihingen/ Enz-Ensingen

Fruitful Office GmbH, Frankfurt a.M.

Translation H. Gerwien, London

Wintermann Lijnco GmbH, Oldenburg

Kübler GmbH & Co. KG, Waiblingen

PS! Theatergastronomie, Catering & Service GmbH, Stuttgart

Reiser Partner, Stuttgart

R&P Productions GmbH, Fellbach

Nestle Schöller GmbH, Nürnberg

Jörg Seidenspinner Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH, Stuttgart

OHG Transgourmet GmbH & Co., Stuttgart