1. Name, Place, Financial Year

1) The Organization bears the name ‘Primavera – Help for children in need’

2) Location of the Organization is Stuttgart.

3) Financial Year is the Calendar Year.

4) The Organization shall be registered in the Organization’s Register.

2. Purpose

The Organization pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable objective as

defined in the section “Tax purposes” of Tax Rules.

The objective of the Organization is promotion of charitable purposes, promotion of

public health, youth welfare, Education, Elementary and Vocational Training and

development co-operation.

The promotion of charitable purposes will be achieved in particular through supporting

the people, who are acutely in need of help, as a result of a catastrophic event (e.g.

earthquake, flood) causing economic or personal emergency. In addition the association

can also be moral and financial support of other tax-privileged authorities, bodies

governed by public law or by foreign authorities supporting to ideal and substantive

promotion and maintenance of the promotion of public health, youth aid, education,

Elementary education and Vocational training, development cooperation and

promotion of charitable purposes. The promotion of above mentioned purposes is

achieved in particular through the procurement of funds through contributions,

donations and charitable events that are sponsored for ideal promotion of the required


In particular, self-help projects in developed and emerging countries are funded through

the grants. In exceptional cases, money and in-kind contribution can be granted to

people in need of help.

3. Membership

Any person residing in the country or foreign country can become a member, who is approved by the board. The membership is terminated either because of death, resignation or expulsion by the Board.

4. Contribution

The members of the organization are not required to contribute)

5. Composition

The organization body consists of the Board and the General Assembly.

6. Board

1) The organization Board consists of at least four persons, who are elected by the General Assembly from amongst its members for a period of two years. The General Assembly also appoints the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Organization.

2) The Board represents the organization legally and otherwise. The participation of 2 board members suffices the representation to a third party. The board carries out the day to day business unless not expressly reserved by the statute of the General Assembly.

3) The board can assign the task of Financial Book-keeping to a third party. For this, the organization has granted the power of Attorney to the Board, required for operating the bank accounts. It has to ensure adequate monitoring.

4) The board operates on honorary basis. It receives no remuneration for its activities. The reimbursement of the expenses (incurred on behalf of the organization) in the

interest of the organization requires the approval by the General Assembly.

7. General Assembly

1) The organization holds an ordinary general meeting once a year, before 30th April. In

this meeting, the board submits the financial statements and the annual report of

past financial year. The General Assembly decide upon the dissolving of the

executive board.

2) Additional general meetings are convened by the Board as and when required.

3) The convening notification of the meeting will be in writing, stating the agenda and

with a minimum notice period of two weeks.

4) The decisions of General Assembly require a simple majority of the members

present and proxies.

5) The Chairman of the board leads the General Assembly. The decision of the meeting

will be signed by the Chairman and the Secretary.

6) The General Assembly appoints two Accountants for a Financial Year, who examine

the books of accounts and report to the General assembly about the result of the


7) In General Assembly, a member can be represented by another; the power of

Attorney must be in writing.

8) The General Assembly can take and express decisions by correspondence or

Telephonic way as well as by Fax or email.

8. Earnings and Assets

1) The resources necessary for the compliance of the objectives of the organization are

provided through voluntary donations by the members, third party or legal persons

and also through the income from the events that serve as model promotion of the

objectives of the organization as well as through the income from assets of the


2) The organization works voluntarily, it does not pursue its own economic interest.

3) The funds of the organization must be used only for the statutory purposes. The

members don’t receive any grant from the funds of organization

4) No person must be favored by the expenditures that are external to the purpose of

the organization or by disproportionately high remuneration

5) In the case of dissolution of the association or the elimination of tax-privileged

purposes, the assets of the association be transferred to a legal entity of the public

right or another tax-privileged body for use as mentioned in Article 2 of these


9. Amendments to the articles of association, Dissolution

A decision on amendments to the articles of association and dissolution of the

organization can be passed only through the General Assembly with a majority of threefourth

of the present members or proxies.

Stuttgart, 31st March 2014