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Each membership is important and allows us to provide ongoing support for numerous projects. We recommend a voluntary donation.

In addition, the Primavera members contribute a considerable amount to the annual donation amount by organizing fundraising events such as concerts, bazaars or sponsored runs.

As a member you will automatically receive the "Primavera News", bringing you first-hand news and information about current activities, projects and events (annual meeting, charity concerts etc.).

Our association consists mainly of active Bosch employees and alumni who aim to carry on the social responsibility of the company founder Robert Bosch.

Current members: 1,543

Want to become a member of Primavera? Please download and fill out our membership application form and send it to Roland Müller-Fiedler.

We would be glad to welcome you to our organisation! Only through the commitment of each member, Primavera can offer the children in developing and emerging countries a better future!

Primavera membership hits 1,000

Michael Tunnat

Primavera, the aid organization for children in need set up by Bosch associates, recently welcomed its 1,000th member: Michael Tunnat, who works for C/AGP (research and innovation policy, public funding) in Berlin. There, he works primarily on applications for funding from the EU and German government for “research projects and investment plans in Germany.”

Michael Tunnat and his wife have been donating money for a number of years to children in need, for example those living in SOS Children’s Villages in Germany. “We also frequently came into contact with children in desperate situations when we traveled abroad.” More recently, images of refugees and refugee children in Germany and Europe are what prompted him to get involved with Primavera as well.

Christoph Kübel, a member of the board of management and the chairman of Primavera, is delighted to have reached the 1,000-member mark. The next milestone to be reached is 2,000 members by 2020.

Our youngest member

Liliana, 5 years

Liliana has learned through her ​​parents of Primavera and spontaneously decided to get involved. She is five years and thus our youngest member of Primavera! From their pocket money she wants to save a little bit, spend a little bit as well as donate a little bit for children who are not doing so well elsewhere. Thanks Liliana!


You would like to become a member as well? Then please download our membership application form and send it to us via eMail:

Mr. Roland Müller-Fiedler
Phone: +49 (0)160 96391320