You are interested in voluntary work?
So far, only in exceptional cases we were supported by volunteers in our projects. The main reason therefore is that we try to involve the local people in our projects and thus build the responsibilities there. To volunteer locally, you should meet the following requirements.

1. No payment
Since all money donated is send to the projects directly, we can not take over your travelling or lodging expenses.

2. Speaking the national language
Since you need to communicate with the children and tutors, you should speak the appropriate national language. For example, Portuguese or Spanish in Latin America, Hindi in India, Chinese in China et cetera. The only exception is the project "Shanti Bhavan" in India. A cooperation there is also possible, if you speak English fluently.

3. Minimum stay three months
On site you and the tutors will need some time to get acquainted and to get familiar with the country. So that children do not need to adjust to changing persons permanently, you should plan at least 3 months for your stay.

If you meet the above requirements, we would be happy to contact an appropriate country for you. Therefore, send us an email and let us know which project you are interested in.

You are interested in a social year?
Unfortunately, our organization is not registered and therefore not entitled to offer a social year.