Welcome to the aid organization Primavera - Helping children in need.

We are pleased about you being interested in our work. Primavera is an organization of Bosch employees mainly who support children of various projects worldwide. Learn more about our philosophy, sponsors and membership.

A culinary travel around the world

28th September 2017

This year, a team of talent pool members from Schillerhöhe and Feuerbach has created and published the first Primavera cooking book. The project aims to increase awareness for Primavera on the one hand. Additionally, a huge amount of donations shall be gathered for the Primavera projects. The first cooking books were presented during the last Primavera Garden Party on 15th of July ’17 and gained already a very positive feedback. All the earnings from the sales of this book will to 100% be donated to Primavera projects. Read more ...

Primavera at the Stuttgarter Hofbräu Brewery Festival 2017

26th August 2017

On the last weekend of August, the 2017 Brewery Festival took place at Stuttgart's Hofbräu in the south of the state capital - for the first time for two days! For several years now, Bosch employees, above all participants of the Junior Managers Program (JMP), have been supporting this event in the service of Primavera e.V. As a thank-you the organizers were pleased to receive a cheque of 1,300 EUR for Primavera. Read more...

Spark of Joy Season 3 - 132,000 Euros for a good cause

05th August 2017

The Event took place on 5th of August, Saturday at Christ College Auditorium and it was spectacular for a fantastic cause – Primavera India where more than 1000 children are positively impacted and have sustainable changes in their lives. Read more ...

Primavera Calendar 2018

30th July 2017

The Primavera Calendar 2018 has finally arrived and can be ordered now! The calendar is available as a table-top calendar in DIN A5 format, including international holidays. The pictures of children (portraits and responsive group scenes) are authentic photographs and video clips from different countries and projects. Captions indicate the respective project. Read more ...

Benefit Concert in Munich

27th July 2017

The Bosch Symphony Orchestra recently gave a benefit concert in Munich bearing the slogan “Help you can hear − a concert for the future.” Led by conductor Hannes Reich, the orchestra played a wide range of classical music for 600 guests. The concert raised a total of 9,380 euros in donations for the children’s aid organization Primavera. Read more...

Primavera Garden Party

15th July 2017

„The joy and the smile are the summer of life" (Jean Paul). In this sense the Primavera Summer Party took place on Saturday, 15th July 2017 in the garden of Bosch Haus Heidehof. Primavera members, friends and supportes experienced a day of attractions for as well as food and drinks at a historical place over Stuttgart from 14 till 18 o'clock. Read more ...

Bosch Symphony Orchestra plays for Primavera

14th July 2017

The Bosch Symphony Orchestra played in Ansbach on 14th July 2017. On the challenging program there were pieces from the operas "Nabucco" and "Carmen", Arutjunjan's trompet concert, Schstakowitsch's Moscow Tscherjomuschki as well as the Danzòn of Antonio Marquez. The Bosch employees from Ansbach were so excited that they donated 3.650 Euro for Primavera. Read more ...

Primavera News 1/2017

3rd June 2017

The latest edition of the Primavera News is finally here! Download the newsletter here in PDF format and learn more about Primavera projects and the great commitment of Bosch employees therein as well as for other fundraisal activities plus news from the Primavera board of management.

Bosch Gala Mexico

22th April 2017

At 08th April the big Bosch Gala Mexiko took place in Liederhalle, Stuttgart. The Bosch Symphony Orchestra together with the Bosch Choir and famous soloists from Mexico performed european classical opera pieces as well as highlights of the classical mexican music culture. The money of ticket sales in the amount of 15.907,75 EUR was completely donated to Primavera.

The Colorful House in Bogotá

13th January 2017

In the poor district of Sierra Morena, south of the Colombian capital Bogotá, stands a colorful house on a hill. Friendly and jewels, quite in contrast to the many poor corrugated iron huts on the outskirts. It is the "Casa de los colores", a property of the non-profit organization CES Waldorf (Corporación Educativa y Social Waldorf) that helps people in one of the poorest areas in Colombia to find a way out of their hopeless life situation. Read more...

Quempas Concert of Bosch Music Groups

29th December 2016

As each year during christmas time the Quempas Concert of Bosch Music Groups took place at 13th December 2016 at Stiftskirche Stuttgart. It is a good practice that all revenues made by selling tickets are donated to Primavera. This year7.787 Euro could be donated to Primavera.

Primavera board member visits Chiguru Trust Center

27th December 2016

In November 2016 Mr. Grosch (member of Primavera board) visited Chiguru Center to get an impression of the center in general and to see what happened to the donations collected on He met the boys who were directly supported by this project and also had the chance to talk to the parents of the two boys who received the hearing aids and therefore were able to hear for the first time of their lives. Read more ...

The Primavera News II/2016 are here!

December 2, 2016

The latest edition of the Primavera News is finally here! Download the newsletter here in PDF format and learn more about Primavera refugee projects and the great commitment of Bosch employees therein as well as for other fundraisal activities plus news from the Primavera board of management.

Schulengel for Primavera - Support children with your christmas purchase

1st December 2016

Shop for christmas presents on and support Primavera. For every Euro you spend online, 2-10% of your purchase net value will help the children in one of over 36 aid projects of Primavera. Christmas is coming soon and every one is starting to shop for christmas presents. Nowadays we often order the presents via Internet. At the same time there are many countries in which children neither have minimum amount of money to buy food and clothes nor do they have christmas presents. If you shop for you christmas presents via you can directly support Primavera projects for children. The shop will donate 2-10% of the value of your purchase to Primavera. A detailed description how to shop via can be found in the article.

Bosch Symphony Orchestra plays for the good purpose: Over 3.500 EUR donated to Primavera

17th of November 2016

On the 08th of November this year the charity concert of the Bosch symphony orchestra took place under the direction of conductor Hannes Reich. DS/P and patron of the event Uwe Gackstatter provided with his humorous words at the beginning of the concert for good mood. The proud donation result of 3.457 EUR was joyfully accepted by Mr. Krieger. Read more...

Me Gusta Mi Escuela - Unterstützen Sie mit Ihrer Spende

11th October 2016

As part of the "Me gusta mi escuela" ( "I like my school") Primavera is involved this year in a global pilot project - a German-Mexican cooperation of Bosch employees in Mexico. The objective of this cooperation is to have the Bosch team working on site in Mexico concretely and "hands-on" in a school while the colleagues in Germany raise the necessary resources. Please use this wonderful opportunity to actively support this pilot project with your donation on Read More...

Bosch receives the “Green Controlling Prize” and donates prize money to Primavera


In a traditionally sustainable company such as Bosch controlling takes on a key role. As “green” consultant of the board of management it ensures that a balance is struck between economic interests and environmental concerns. For this approach to manage sustainability targets, Bosch was honored with the “Green Controlling Prize”, an award of 10,000 euros, at the end of September and donated the prize money to Primavera. Read more…

360° Primavera Insight


One thing that makes primavera unique is the voluntary commitment of it´s members and supporters. They are involved in various activities and fulfil differents tasks. In our new series "360° primavera insight" we introduce volunteers, members, supporters and their motivation and points of contact with primavera. Read more ...

Big Fundraising Event in India: Spark of Joy Season 2


The performers came from Bengaluru, Nashik and Jaipur. Their dances and songs were rooted in the rich cultural heritage of various Indian regions and languages. Their costumes reflected almost every color of the rainbow – which was apt, since the theme of the Spark of Joy Season 2 was the rainbow or “Indradhanush” as it’s known in Sanskrit. The aim of the event, held on the evening of August 7, 2016, was to raise funds for Primavera India so it can support the work of 10 trusts across the country that help underprivileged children realize a better quality of life.
Read more ...

Ein akustischer Genuß

Bosch Symphonieorchester zu Gast in Abstatt

"Das Orchester hatte uns ein ganz außergewöhnliches Konzert geboten, einen besonderen akustischen Genuss". "Kunst vom Feinsten, war wirklich ein Genuss. Wir alle dürfen wirklich für eine besondere Firma tätig sein." Fantastisch. Ich möchte solch ein Konzert nicht mehr missen wollen." So das Feedback von einigen Zuhörern, stellvertretend für die 300 begeisterten Teilnehmer beim Benefizkonzert des Bosch Sinfonieorchesters am 22. Juni 2016 in Abstatt. Primavera darf sich über eine Spende von € 1.896,50 freuen! Herzlichen Dank an das Bosch Sinfonieorchester, an Hannes Reich (künstlerischer Leiter), an Georg Blume (CC/PRM-SYS, Mitglied des Bosch Sinfonieorchesters), an den Standort Abstatt und an alle Beteiligten und Teilnehmer.

Use of Donations for Refugee Aid

06.05.2016 - The donations are being channeled into a large number of aid projects

Associates showed an enormous commitment: In the course of the fundraising campaign in Europe that lasted almost two months, 410,000 euros were raised for the aid organization Primavera run by Bosch associates. As had been announced, the company matched this sum. The total figure of 820,000 euros will flow into charitable projects. A six-member committee comprising representatives of Primavera, the combined works council, the group executives’ committee, the office for coordinating refugee aid, and the Corporate Citizenship department decided on the allocation of funds.
Read more ...

Primavera membership hits 1,000

March 2016

Primavera, the aid organization for children in need set up by Bosch associates, recently welcomed its 1,000th member: Michael Tunnat, who works for C/AGP (research and innovation policy, public funding) in Berlin. Learn more about him, as well as how to become a Primavera member yourself.

The Primavera News I/2016 are here!

March 14, 2016

The latest edition of the Primavera News is finally here! Download the newsletter here in PDF format and learn more about what happened during the last months in the world of Primavera.

Result of appeal for refugee aid!

February 2016

On December 4th 2015 Robert Bosch GmbH and Primavera in close collaboration have asked Bosch employees and Primavera friends for donations for sustainable aid to refugees. Thereby, Robert Bosch GmbH offered to double the donations made by employees and Primavera friends until January 31st 2016.

Learn more about the result!

Donations Ticker

18.09.2017: Bosch Employees from Purchasing have donated 1.080 EUR for Primavera at a Lunch Event. Thank you!

26.08.2017: 1.300 EUR were donated for Primavera at Stuttgarter Hofbräu Brewery Festival 2017. Thank you for this great result!

05.08.2017: At the third Spark of Joy Event more than 132.000 EUR were donated to Primavera India.
The donations will be used in more than 10 projects for more than 1.000 children in need! We thank you for this great result!

27.07.2017: At the Charity Concert of the Bosch Symphony Orchestra in Munich over 9.380 EUR were donated for Primavera. We thank you for this great result!

15.07.2017: The Primavera Garden Party 2017 lead to net proceeds of 6.655,14 EURwhich will be used 100% for Primavera-projects!

14.07.2017: At the Charity Concert of the Bosch Symphony Orchestra 3.650 EUR were donated for Primavera. We thank you for this great result!

08.04.2017: The record ticket sales of 15.907,75 EUR for the Bosch Gala Mexico were fully donated to Primavera. We thank you for this great result!

15.12.2016: At the BEG Christmas Tombola 2.630 EUR were donated to Primavera. Thank you very much for this great result!

13.12.2016: At the Bosch Christmas Concert of the Bosch Symphony Orchestra and Choir in Stuttgart more than 7.500 EUR were donated to Primavera. We say thank you for this great result!

08.11.2016: Guests of the Charity Concert of Bosch Symphony Orchestra donated 3.457 EUR to Primavera. We say THANK YOU for this great result!

14.10.2016: At the Bosch Service Convention the oil painting "The Guy from Bosch Service (1977)" was auctioned. Mr. Paul of Car Service Paul had the highest bidding with over 371 EUR. The auction proceeds were donated to Primavera.

22.09.2016: Participants of the "We are Bosch Day" in Bühlertal donated over 4.342 EUR for Primavera.

07.08.2016: Ticket sales for the fundraising event "Spark of Joy" resulted in 4.885 EURof donations for Primavera India.

15.07.2016: Guests of the Concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra at Renningen donated 2.020 EUR to Primavera. We say THANK YOU for this great result!

22.06.2016: Guests of the Charity Concert of the Bosch Symphony Orchestra at Abstatt donated 1.896,50 EUR Thank you to all members of the Bosch Symphony Orchestra for this great result!

25.05.2016: Guests of the Charity Event Benebeatz Beats4Benefiz in Waiblingen donated 1.100 EUR We say thank you for all participants!

16.03.2016:The prize of the soccer match of the winning team of the Bosch soccer match in the amount of 400 EUR was donated to Primavera.

01.03.2016: Beim Spendenaufruf zum Thema "Flüchtlingshilfe" wurden in Summe 410.000 EUR bis Ende Januar gesammelt. Dieser Betrag wurde von Bosch verdoppelt, so dass insgesamt 820.000 EUR an Spenden für die Unterstützung von Flüchtlingen zur Verfügung stehen.

19.01.2016: The theater evening lead to net proceeds of n 1.695 EUR, which will be used for Primavera projects.

29.09.2015: The Primavera anniversary garden party on July 4th, 2015 lead to net proceeds of 5.390 EUR, which will be used 100% for Primavera-projects!

12.08.2015: More than 1,600 EUR were raised for Primavera during the third Bosch Power Tools Family Day in Leinfelden by selling the popular "Bosch mini" tools for kids.

12.08.15: A total of 570 EUR were collected during Primavera Lunchweek at plants NuP1 and NuP2 and donated to Primavera. Thank you Nuremberg!

09.06.15: In total, our teams and supporters managed to sell almost all of the 4.630 2015 Primavera Calendars with a net profit of 37.917 EUR. Read more...

09.06.15: The two lino-paints of the Bosch founder Robert Bosch were successfully auctioned on ebay for 156 EUR. Thank you Dr. Regina Grote for this great initiative!

17.04.2015: Guests of the Springtime Concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra at Bosch Haus Heidehof donated 2.176 EUR to Primavera. We say THANK YOU for this great result!

05.01.2015: At last year's BOJO Christmas Concert in Abstatt, a total of 1.456 EUR was raised for Primavera.

16.12.2014 A treat for the ears - 11,000 EUR were generated by ticket sales for the traditional Quempas-Singing of the Bosch music groups!

14.12.2014: The organizers of the sixth Christmas tombola of Bosch Power Tools have shown great commitment again. Many thanks for this, as well as for the proceeds of 16,000 EUR in favor of the Primavera donations account!

01.12.2014: The watercolor painting created by Vahid Seyed-Khoei at this year's summer festival, was sold on Ebay for 190 EUR. 100% of the proceeds go to Primavera!

11.11.2014: During the magnificent concert with the Bosch Symphony Orchestra at Stuttgart-Feuerbach 4,660 EUR were taken in favor of Primavera!

30.07.2014: At this year's Primavera Gartenfest in Stuttgart, 5.000 EUR were raised for Primavera projects. We'd like to thank all visitors and supporters, who made this day sospecial!

03.06.2014: The 2014 Primavera Calendar sales lead to an amazing 25,000 EUR donation to Primavera, presented to our chairman Mr. Kübel by the project team.

07.04.2014: At the end of an entertaining concert evening with the Bosch Jazz Orchestra, featuring the auctioing of paintings from children from different latin american projects, 2,024.00 EUR were transferred to the Primavera account.

10.03.2014: 4.000,00 EUR were raiseed for Primavera through the 'run4primavera' project at Lohr a.M. and Chemnitz last year.

06.02.2014: Thanks to dedicated donations from the Robert Bosch GmbH as well as many private contributions, the reconstruction in the Philippines after the typhoon can be supported with174.000 EUR. More...

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