Welcome to the aid organization Primavera - Helping children in need.

We are pleased about you being interested in our work. Primavera is an organization of Bosch employees mainly who support children of various projects worldwide. Learn more about our philosophy, sponsors and membership.

Use of Donations for Refugee Aid

06.05.2016 - The donations are being channeled into a large number of aid projects

Associates showed an enormous commitment: In the course of the fundraising campaign in Europe that lasted almost two months, 410,000 euros were raised for the aid organization Primavera run by Bosch associates. As had been announced, the company matched this sum. The total figure of 820,000 euros will flow into charitable projects. A six-member committee comprising representatives of Primavera, the combined works council, the group executives’ committee, the office for coordinating refugee aid, and the Corporate Citizenship department decided on the allocation of funds.
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Primavera membership hits 1,000

March 2016

Primavera, the aid organization for children in need set up by Bosch associates, recently welcomed its 1,000th member: Michael Tunnat, who works for C/AGP (research and innovation policy, public funding) in Berlin. Learn more about him, as well as how to become a Primavera member yourself.

The Primavera News I/2016 are here!

March 14, 2016

The latest edition of the Primavera News is finally here! Download the newsletter here in PDF format and learn more about what happened during the last months in the world of Primavera.

Result of appeal for refugee aid!

February 2016

On December 4th 2015 Robert Bosch GmbH and Primavera in close collaboration have asked Bosch employees and Primavera friends for donations for sustainable aid to refugees. Thereby, Robert Bosch GmbH offered to double the donations made by employees and Primavera friends until January 31st 2016.

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Order the 2016 Primavera Calendar now!

New Primavera Calendar

The sixth edition of the Primavera Calendar proves to be a great success. Order your personal copy today! And bear in mind that our calendar not only looks good on your wall, but also underneath the Christmas tree. Continue...

Donations Ticker

19.01.2016: The theater evening lead to net proceeds of n 1.695 EUR, which will be used for Primavera projects.

29.09.2015: The Primavera anniversary garden party on July 4th, 2015 lead to net proceeds of 5.390 EUR, which will be used 100% for Primavera-projects!

12.08.2015: More than 1,600 EUR were raised for Primavera during the third Bosch Power Tools Family Day in Leinfelden by selling the popular "Bosch mini" tools for kids.

12.08.15: A total of 570 EUR were collected during Primavera Lunchweek at plants NuP1 and NuP2 and donated to Primavera. Thank you Nuremberg!

09.06.15: In total, our teams and supporters managed to sell almost all of the 4.630 2015 Primavera Calendars with a net profit of 37.917 EUR. Read more...

09.06.15: The two lino-paints of the Bosch founder Robert Bosch were successfully auctioned on ebay for 156 EUR. Thank you Dr. Regina Grote for this great initiative!

17.04.2015: Guests of the Springtime Concert of the Bosch Jazz Orchestra at Bosch Haus Heidehof donated 2.176 EUR to Primavera. We say THANK YOU for this great result!

05.01.2015: At last year's BOJO Christmas Concert in Abstatt, a total of 1.456 EUR was raised for Primavera.

16.12.2014 A treat for the ears - 11,000 EUR were generated by ticket sales for the traditional Quempas-Singing of the Bosch music groups!

14.12.2014: The organizers of the sixth Christmas tombola of Bosch Power Tools have shown great commitment again. Many thanks for this, as well as for the proceeds of 16,000 EUR in favor of the Primavera donations account!

01.12.2014: The watercolor painting created by Vahid Seyed-Khoei at this year's summer festival, was sold on Ebay for 190 EUR. 100% of the proceeds go to Primavera!

11.11.2014: During the magnificent concert with the Bosch Symphony Orchestra at Stuttgart-Feuerbach 4,660 EUR were taken in favor of Primavera!

30.07.2014: At this year's Primavera Gartenfest in Stuttgart, 5.000 EUR were raised for Primavera projects. We'd like to thank all visitors and supporters, who made this day sospecial!

03.06.2014: The 2014 Primavera Calendar sales lead to an amazing 25,000 EUR donation to Primavera, presented to our chairman Mr. Kübel by the project team.

07.04.2014: At the end of an entertaining concert evening with the Bosch Jazz Orchestra, featuring the auctioing of paintings from children from different latin american projects, 2,024.00 EUR were transferred to the Primavera account.

10.03.2014: 4.000,00 EUR were raiseed for Primavera through the 'run4primavera' project at Lohr a.M. and Chemnitz last year.

06.02.2014: Thanks to dedicated donations from the Robert Bosch GmbH as well as many private contributions, the reconstruction in the Philippines after the typhoon can be supported with174.000 EUR. More...

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